Friday, November 11, 2005

New Store Banner

It's clearer than this in "real life" - or rather on websites, but I'm less than great at the code that's necessary to get a precise picture size in these dang blogs. If I could get it to be the standard "468" x "60", it would look the way it's supposed to. Yes, I'll master my blog coding, one of these days. (BTW, I've had it up to here with code this week, danged website and danged FrontPage, etc., mumble,mumble. I had to spend far too much time on this code crap this week. TGIF. Anyway...)

The store banner does work. OIOW, click on it, and it'll take you there.

Okay, now some create all their store banners, etc., then start their stores. I have a store for 3+ years, then make it a banner.

Anyway, expect more banners for more stores and of various designs and sizes. Better late than never!

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