Thursday, February 16, 2006

Store News & CHM Sale - Black Tees on Sale

Been working hard on the "For Women Old Enough to Know Better" store - check it out. Working on organization and greatly increasing the amount of merchandise.

Have also created a vast multitude of Sudoku merchandise, most of which is in the "For Women Old Enough to Know Better" store

Have I mentioned the new "Born 2 B Wild!" black tees yet?

Note that CafePress is about to add black long-sleeve T-shirts, black hoodies, and black Women's tees any day now. Yes, I will be whipping my already-present "for-black" graphics right on this merch as soon as it arrives.

The CHM Sale? Since CafePress won't have another sale or promotion until March, I've decided to have my own. Accordingly, in the CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More store, all black T-shirts will be $4 off during the month of February. This means all black shirts in this store will cost only $19.99 instead of their usual $23.99. (Note that the CHM Sale does not apply to any of my other stores.)

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Update, News & Latest CafePress Promotion

My computer's up and running again, with its fancy new C: drive with its twin external drive for back-up purposes.

Thanks to my brilliant son Mike (his 21st birthday today, BTW) not only did I not lose any data, but nothing needed installing either, since the image of my old C: drive was "merely" plopped down upon my new one. I was ready to get back to work immediately yesterday, and did so.

Got my FrontPage back - look for website improvement this week.

A reminder: the CafePress Valentine Promotion starts today and ends Valentine's Day.

$5 off $50 - CODE: CUPID5
$10 off $100 - CODE: CUPID10

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

New Cheap Stuff @ Music Stuff & More

Well, not so new, really.

But, new to "Sales & Features" - a Magnets, Buttons & Stickers area. Also, a Value T-Shirts area (nice white T-Shirts @ only $11.99).

These are popular items - might as well make them just a little easier to find I figured.

Links directly into the sections...

Magnets, Buttons & Stickers (Music only now, "& More" will be coming soon.)
Value T-Shirts (Music Stuff & More)

Website, etc. Update

Note the correct date - it's February 1st, not whatever in the world it says in my website's borders. (Darn FrontPage.)

Still waiting on my hard drive, and therefore my FrontPage software, my graphic software...

But, I just learned the new hard drive is in Ontario, not so far away... Maybe tomorrow!

Just added a link to the Wazzup Page - should have been on the "News & Views" Page, but Yahoo wouldn't grant me access to edit my own bleeping Web Page, for some strange reason. So I added the brand-new State of the Union parody link to Wazzup. Look for the little yellow "NEW", as usual. Wazzup Page

I will do more website updating before the week is out. Jeez, this site has ugly code - part me, part FrontPage. The code is hard to read; therefore, hard to update by hand.

I'll stop complaining.

I've been using my extra time to improve my stores - the two CafePress Premium stores and the Spreadshirt store (new products there)...

CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More
For Women Old Enough to Know Better store
CHM Music Stuff - the Spreadshirt store