Friday, September 30, 2005

What's New?

Check out what's new in CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More while you're at it, too.

There's a new spinoff of Wazzup - the new TV, Radio & Movies Page, a result of Wazzup excess length, really. There is some new content in there, however, and there will be more in the future.

Jeez, I mentioned this already! Sorry.

Hey, this is news - I'm making Google money. Also affiliate. TGIF. More news soon.

This blog is on my website's Home Page!

And, if you're reading this on my Home Page, you're going "Duh."

This is delightfully recursive, I love it. (Again, I am too easily pleased.)

It does serve two excellent purposes:

  1. Quick and easy updating
  2. Fresher material, more up-to-date

And, finally, it also is rather portable - I like that. I can use this blog in many places, in many ways.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Still More Website Work

Moved the Music Page to the website's main navigation bars.

Figured I might as well and should, since the site has so many music pages, and is so related to a Music Stuff & More store.

Adding a few tasteful Google AdSense and AdSearch thingies around the website. I will continue with the sparse and subtle in regard to this. I so hate a website filled with too many of those things, don't we all? Pollution.

Maybe in my lifetime I'll get that $50 Google check. ; )

I'll continue to tidy up the rambling site. Yes it needs it.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

New Web Page! Wazzup continues its diet

Introducing the new TV, Radio & Movies Page - a spin-off from the Wazzup Page, since the Wazzup Page has been getting much too long, as you know.

There are a few new items on this new Page. Also, not surprisingly, Wazzup is now easier and more comfortable to use.

More CafePress Items Availabe for New Printing Process

(Copying and pasting directly from the words of the CafePress people to us CP storeowners... )

Set 2 of the Direct Printing roll out is now available on the following apparel line:

Women's Raglan Hoodie
Women's Tracksuit
Jr. Hoodie
Kids Baseball Jersey
Kids Sweatshirt
Kids Hoodie
Long Sleeve T-shirt

End of c'n'p.

As you may recall, the most recent CafePress sale featured the first roll-out of the directing printing process: several of the ribbed women's apparel.

Hmmm, now let's see if the next CP sale features the above listed items... If I were a gambling woman, I'd place a bet on it.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Friday Update

I'm going to be really lazy this Friday and give you a bunch of links which will tell you what's up and what's the latest: - Website Home Page - CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More - Wazzup Page! Also, don't forget to check out the Music Humor Page while you're there to catch the Invisible Klezmer Band (and more? I forget, jeez.) Lots of funny new stuff on Wazzup.

And, check it out:

CafePress Summer Blowout Sale
$2 off select Women's ribbed apparel* (featuring the new & improved Direct Printing)
Coupon Code: BREEZE2
Sale runs: Sept 14 - Sept 21
* Baby Doll Tee, Jr. Raglan, Jr. Tank Top, Women's Cap Sleeve Tee, Women's Tank

Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday Update/Katrina Graphics

If possible I'm getting even busier! Next week will be better. I'll make a point of it. Also, I'm now done with my Katrina graphics. (Done with sticking Katrina links up, etc., too.)

So, do you want to see some Katrina graphics? These are only the beginnings: two for the CafePress Katrina Charity Shop @

The graphics are about New Orleans Music. I do music and we all know how much New Orleans is about music - and what a contribution and joy New Orleans' music has been to all. It's about my gratitude, appreciation, and acknowledgement, that New Orleans music will always live no matter what. Love ya, New Orleans.

Now, for the rest of the series at

Most of it is hidden now, only one is showing tonight -

Note also the "brass & sax" graphics in the Music Instruments section -

Okay, links time:

[edited 12/26/07]

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

While I'm here...News Update

Busy with clients, but I need to sort out just what I'm doing right now for whom and when. My mind spins.

News flash: another E-Mail from Rita, she says hold off for now on the project. Well, gee, I can certainly understand why. She has no electricity yet and was E-Mailing me from a library. (I'll have to reply and remind her that she can conduct her CafePress business from any computer. She might as well keep her money coming in, right?)

Back from inserted news flash:

First, there was Rita in New Orleans, who was lost, but now is found; then, a client's client from the Gulf Coast somewhere evacuated to Huntsville, then there's a lady in NC waiting on me. NC, thank God, nothing happening there. Okay, I'll be sorting out all this.

Right now I'm working on graphics to contribute to CafePress' charity store for Katrina which is likely to open this week. All proceeds will go to Katrina charity.

The stores and CafePress are, frankly, way too busy. There have been many behind the scenes changes and improvements at CafePress which we storeowners have been busy with, but which may not be so noticeable to customers. The new affiliation program, for only one thing. This is something I need to figure out, before I even start thinking about implementing (okay, okay, I've got some affiliate links on my website, but, I just barely know what I'm doing with that, to be too honest.) There's a lot of new CafePress merchandise, which I've been telling you about as it's been coming along. All in all, stores-wise, do you have any idea how many graphics and how many products there are or could be in my CafePress group of stores? It is mind-boggling. We're talking figures like hundreds (graphics) and thousands (products).

On the upside, sales are good. : )

Don't forget to go to my website and click on those donation links for Katrina survivors. All are trustworthy links or they wouldn't be on my site, such as the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, etc.

Oh, heck, I'll put this here!

The American Red Cross

Rita, the New Orleans client, lives!

Good news, the NO client I mentioned in my last post is alive and apparently well. Well enough to write me E-Mail and to be out rescuing cats, which sounds pretty well to me.

: )

Now, let's keep hearing more good news from out of the Gulf Coast, right?!

Friday, September 02, 2005

What a week! Also new merch.

As is true with most of us Americans to some degree or another, I have been overwhelmed with Katrina. The fact of the disaster in itself, but, personally with the fact that a client I had been very much in the thick of working with E-mailed me Saturday night saying she was heading up with a mattress to an upstairs closet so she'd be safe from Katrina. I have no idea what's happened to her since. She's from New Orleans. Rita Bridges is her name; the store I've been helping her with is You can tell she just started building this store, in fact I still have her graphics left to finish on my machine. I sent an E-Mail to the artist who did the artwork for Rita's store, thinking she might know something about Rita. Afterwards I realized that god only knows what has happened to artist Mel, her also being in the New Orleans area.

This whole thing is troubling. I know I'm very much not alone in that feeling this week.

Furthermore, since I didn't see any point in continuing with Rita's project just now, I thought it would be good to work on my "next" client's project (a client of a client, actually). Then, I find out that this woman desiring the artwork lives on the Gulf Coast and had evacuated to Huntsville. I have still another client in line. She's in North Carolina. Good.

Well, there's still the CafePress stores. Which have new merchandise. You already know about the new kids' clothes, right? This latest batch of new goodies include caps, mini-buttons, rectangle magnets, wood-framed tiles... There's been a lot of new merchandise coming in lately. Watch for it to arrive in my stores. Watch also for the opening of the CafePress Hurricane Katrina Benefit Store (working title - the store is nameless, as I write) - I plan to contribute at least one graphic to the cause.

Lastly, but most importantly, look for the Hurricane Katrina links on the tops of my Home Page and News & Views Page. Donate to the Red Cross - you can't miss these Katrina links!

Wazzup is not quite so amusing this week, as I wasn't feeling very amused. The new BMJOTW is there, however, as it always is.

My links, of the everyday, ordinary variety:

CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More

For Women Old Enough to Know Better