Friday, March 31, 2006

News Update

Did some repair work on the new Groovy Ladies Page. Tables mess, MS FrontPage (I have a love/hate relationship with it.), grumble, grumble... Remnants of the upheaval I commenced when I added the Page in the first place. Again, my apologies.

It was one of those odd things that you don't notice while you're putting a Web Page together, only later after the Page has been already embarrassing you out on the Web.

I've been starting an Autism Awareness section in For Women Old Note the spiffy new graphic I've started out with. April is Autism Awareness Month. I'm also starting to become aware that there is some controversy and strong feelings regarding the attitude to take toward the subject. To celebrate it? or to cure it? The jury's still out for me until I learn much more, but my guess now is that the truth is somewhere in the middle. I plan at least one Earth Day graphic for April 22 - it's still on the drawing board.

I've been participating in the Great Gear April Fool blog-out:

Friday, March 24, 2006

Update - Website, New Graphics, Sale...

Things have been a little rocky on the website of late, but that's now fixed. Microsoft's FrontPage doesn't take well to having its "Shared Borders" messed with, which is what happened when I added the Groovy Ladies Page. I won't go further into the technical details, but, suffice it to say, rockiness should be gone now and the website stable. My apologies.

A CafePress Spring Sale is coming up:

Coupon Code: Spring10
Offer: $10 off $50 Order
3/30 - 4/13

New in Music Stuff & More: four spiffy new Circle of Fifths graphics, four of which can be found on black T-shirts. (They're already selling well. : )

This Lent I've added a vast multitude of Celtic crosses to both of my premium CafePress stores - in "gold", "silver", as well as numerous different colors. Most are on black T-shirts as well as other CafePress merchandise.

Celtic crosses in Music Stuff & More
Celtic crosses in For Women Old Enough...

New in "Sales & Features" in Music Stuff & More are Christian crosses - the new mentioned above, plus last year's in a section called "For Lent & Easter."

New in For Women Old Enough... store is its own "Sales & Features" section, featuring "Flowers" right now.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Groovy Ladies Page

A new Page has been added to the website - the Groovy Ladies Page.

Yes, related to the CafePress For Women Old Enough to Know Better store (short title: "For Women Old Enough..." store).

Also related to the blog of the same name:

Monday, March 06, 2006

Adding Celtic Crosses to Music Stuff & More

The "gold" Celtic cross pictured at left on a black T-shirt.

The "silver" Celtic cross pictured at right.

There are also other Celtic crosses as well as much more Celtic cross merchandise than only the black T-shirts.

To find more of this Celtic cross merchandise.

From CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More

Thursday, March 02, 2006

CafePress Sale & Other News

Announcing the CafePress "March to the Beat of a Different Drum" Sale
$4 off $40 Offer
Coupon Code: MARCH4
March 2 - March 14

In other news...

= Continuing improvements in "For Women Old Enough to Know Better" store (Look for much more to come.)
= A GroovyLadiesPage on my website related to the store and blog - brand-new, just started it today. Yes, it is still very under constuction.
= Have I mentioned all the new Sudoku merch?
= Black hoodies, long-sleeve tees, and women's tees are coming any week now to CafePress
= CHM Design is starting to get a little political again (remember my Kerry merch?) since there's an election this year. Check out Democratic Progress (with Thomas Jefferson portrayed)
= Note the "It's Easy Being Green!" section of green goodies in honor of St. Patrick's Day, Spring, and whatnot.
= Added a white violin/fiddle to black tees

More news soon.