Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Thursday, November 27, 2008

New Sweatshirts & Hoodies! : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More

New Sweatshirts & Hoodies! : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More <--- Check them out

NEW *today* - new Sweatshirts and Hoodies (Hooded Sweatshirts) @ Music Stuff & More @ CafePress

= Men's Black or Navy Hooded Sweatshirts, Men's *Zippered* Black, Navy or Gray Hooded Sweatshirts, Men's Black or Navy Sweatshirts

= Women's Light Gray or Pink Zip Hoodies (zippered hooded sweatshirts)

These new sweatshirts are *in addition to* those sweatshirts long present here: the white or gray hooded sweatshirts and "regular" sweatshirts, as well as the gray Women's Zippered Hoodies and Raglan-Sleeved Two-Tone Zippered Hoodies.

(I plan to be adding these sweatshirts throughout the entire store in the coming weeks.)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

New Search Box - Bass Clef : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More

Bass Clef : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More <--- using the new "Search Box" feature with the keyphrase "bass clef"

I love my new "Search Box" at the top of the Pages at my CafePress store.

I typed in "bass clef" and pulled up loads of bass clef graphics (okay, a few treble clef graphics slipped in as well, somehow... I'll look to cleaning that up.). There's also "Browse Products" features to help further narrow a search.

This new "Search Box" feature is very helpful and makes using my big store so much easier for all of us.

I'm a pleased CP SK today. : ) Enjoy - I am.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

New Music Graphics & New Merchandise

Selling new stuff at Music Stuff & More @ Zazzle and @ CafePress:

"Pearl" Music Circle of Fifths, with a Treble Clef in the center...

... find at Music Stuff & More @ CafePress
... find at Music Stuff & More @ Zazzle - Music Circle of Fifths (The Circle of Fifths' very own section @ Zazzle)

Green Music Circle of Fifths, also with Treble Clef in center...

Note that I sold this green graphic as a clock in less than 24 hours after it appeared at CafePress.

... find at Music Stuff & More @ CafePress
... find at Music Stuff & More @ Zazzle - Music Circle of Fifths (again, the Circle of Fifths' very own section @ Zazzle)

Read still more about the Zazzle Musical Circle of Fifths section at my Music Stuff Blog

New merchandise, which have some music graphics at Music Stuff & More @ CafePress:

Flip Mino camcorder
Flip MinoHD camcorder

In case you've missed (or I've missed!) any new music graphic or merchandise...

The "NEW NEW NEW section" of Music Stuff & More @ CafePress

Also, have I mentioned the Electric Guitars yet? Find most of these here in the "Guitar section" of Music Stuff & More @ CafePress

In the end, please visit...

Music Stuff & More @ CafePress
Music Stuff & More @ Zazzle

Monday, October 20, 2008

New Music Merchandise, Featuring Circle of Fifths

(Whew, I've got some catching up to do there!)

I've been making Music Circle of Fifths key chains, big stickers, and T-shirts @ Music Stuff & More @ Zazzle

You may already be familiar with my zillion different Circle of Fifths merchandise @ Music Stuff & More @ CafePress

Click here to see the new big Circle of Fifths sticker.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

New Graphics, New Merch & Just Plain Store News

Yes, I did put up those Obama-Biden graphics I wrote about Obama-Biden in my last post. I gambled that Joe Biden would be Obama's vice-presidential pick - and, obviously, I won.

Check out some of these Obama-Biden goods

Have I mentioned the new CafePress clocks here yet? Check out some of my new clocks.

The new Junior Jerseys have arrived @ CafePress. Also, find new ceramic travel mugs (nice for gifts).

Other new graphics besides the Obama-Biden ones - new music graphics, such as the two new green eighth-note graphics.

Check this out if you still need back-to-school items. Do note that there's new-and-improved journals.

Easy on your pocketbook in these challenging economic times, check out some of my CafePress under-$10 merchandise. Find some of these in the Back-to-School section as well as in the "Bernanke Bargain Bin" (filled with music graphics, and other graphics too, such as Earth, peace symbols, nerdy/geeky stuff, Christian crosses, flowers, etc.). Check out these affordable merchandise links:

~ Cheap School Stuff @ www.cafepress.com/chmdesign/5876855 (Priced @ under $10)
~ Bernanke BARGAIN BIN @ www.cafepress.com/chmdesign/5214776 (Priced @ under $10)
~ Journals on Sale @ www.cafepress.com/chmdesign/5893323 (Again, priced @ under $10)

Also, please visit Music Stuff & More @ CafePress store's "NEW NEW NEW" section, as well as "Sales & Features", and, of course, "Music Merchandise."

And, don't forget my new Music Stuff & More @ Zazzle store. This Zazzle store has musical Circle of Fifths round keychains, the musical Keds shoes, and other merchandise not available at CafePress. Pictured below is one of the Circle of Fifths Zazzle keychains, look for the same in other colors and styles.

There's been a lot happening the past month or two: new store (Zazzle), closed store (the former "For Women Old Enough... store"), new graphics, new merchandise... (Whew.)

Finally, do note that I still will be offering almost all the graphics and merchandise once found in the former, now-closed, For Women Old Enough... store. (For one thing, they sold well!) I've also got a few "grannygear"-type items in my new Zazzle store, such as this pink "Granny Boomer" T-Shirt. So, watch for these "For Women Old Enough..." graphics on merchandise at my stores at both Zazzle and CafePress. (Yes, more later on this.)

I strongly recommend that you sign up for my monthly CafePress newsletter. It's a good news summary for my CafePress store, a newsletter I've been sending out every single month for years. Find the newsletter sign-up on the side-bar of this blog as well as on the Storefront of my Music Stuff & More @ CafePress store.

Enjoy the Fall, the Election, and the new school year!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama & Biden? : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More : CafePress.com

Obama & Biden? : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More : CafePress.com

Taking a chance on Joe Biden being Obama's choice for Vice President - enough so that I've started loading my store with Obama-Biden goods, see image above, plus click on the live links in this message or in the title above.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bedazzled by Zazzle, also Store Closing

Say "Hello" to my new Zazzle store - Music Stuff & More (also look under "chmayer"). (Gee, where have we heard that Music Stuff & More store name before...? hmmm...? scratching my head... ; )

And say "Good-bye" to my "For Women Old Enough to Know Better", a.k.a. grannygear, store, which will be closed by August.

However, the "For Women Old Enough..." store is still open as I speak, and with a Junior Jersey Blow-Out Clearance Farewell and Closing Sale, at that. I have marked my Junior Jersey prices way down throughout the store. Add my mark-down to CafePress's Junior Jersey mark-down starting next Monday, and you've got lots of savings. Take advantage - after all, school and Fall are coming before you know it. Get your nifty cheap Jerseys now.

Back to "For Women Old Enough..." store... This CafePress Premium Store originated when CafePress offered me a free six-months deal for me to upgrade my Basic Store (a free store, but with limited options) to a Premium Store. I took up CafePress's offer, even though I was already busy with my first and original CafePress Premium Store, Music Stuff & More.

"For Women Old Enough..." store did well those first six free months, so I kept it. It has always more than paid its way, still does, but I like the idea of consolidation now - it's easier, more convenient, simpler, for me and, I believe, for you customers. Oh, and there'll be one less store to make payments on...

You will now find your favorite graphics and merchandise from "For Women Old Enough..." store @ my Music Stuff & More store. (As you may have noticed, many of these graphics and merch have been there already.) Look in the "& More" area for your favorite non-musical graphics. I'm in the process of "revealing" them soon, after I get them all tidy and ready-for-primetime.

So, "For Women Old Enough..." is open now as I write, with great deals on Junior Jerseys, even now, more so starting next Monday.

Related, I haven't figured out yet what to do with the "For Women Old Enough...", a.k.a. Groovy Ladies, Blog. It will remain open and running until I can figure out what to do with it, a decisiion which will be made sometime before long...

Now, back to Zazzle. I am only just starting out my modest, much smaller Music Stuff & More store on Zazzle. You will see some familiar music graphics, also a peace symbol, the Earth, an Obama graphic - not much yet. Yes, it will be mostly *Music Stuff*. Zazzle offers some merch that CafePress doesn't, so I will be taking advantage of that. Also, I have a mini- Zazzle storefront in my Facebook Profile. Handy! (Do note, also, that I have a "CafePress Listing" Facebook Profile "app" where you can view and shop at my CafePress Music Stuff & More store, as well.)

Finally, to sum up, Junior Jersey sales @ my CafePress stores, my new Zazzle store, and the impending close (by August) of "For Women Old Enough..." store.

I'll soon be putting up links for Zazzle, also Facebook. To find me *now* on Facebook, give me a "Facebook Poke" or drop me a message, so I can "let you in." I'm using my real name on Facebook. Any combination of "Carolyn Hanson Mayer" should do and get you to my Profile. If you just plain want to visit my new Zazzle store, stop by Music Stuff & More on Zazzle. Look for "chmayer."

Keep cool!

Junior Jersey News & Sale @ CafePress

Jr. Jersey Upgrade Coming Soon to CafePress.

From CafePress...

Last year the Jr. Babydoll T-Shirt was upgraded with the current Jr. Jersey T-Shirt, with improvements to the overall quality and style. We’re pleased to announce another upgrade to the Jr. Jersey! Many Shopkeepers [and, customers, of course] will be happy to hear that the new shirt is from fashion brand – American Apparel, with updated colors at the same Base Price [and my same price, which will remain unchanged].

The details of the new Jr. Jersey T-Shirt are:

* American Apparel * Crew neck t-shirt, fashion fit * 100% Fine Jersey cotton, combed for softness and comfort * Colors: white, creme, lime, pink...

This Junior Jersey upgrade will happen in a few weeks but before that, we need to sell out of the current Jr. Jersey T-Shirt. Sounds like a great excuse for a sale! Starting Monday, July 14, we’ll have a liquidation sale for the current Jr. Jersey T-Shirts in white, blue, and pink. This sale will be promoted by Shopkeepers only – so it’s up to you to spread the word to your customers... [Which is exactly what I'm doing here...]

Junior Jersey Clearance Sale details:

* Promotion: $4 off Jr. Jersey T-Shirts * Coupon code: 4JRJERSEY * Sale starts: Monday, July 14, 2008

* Expiration: While supplies last*
* This is a liquidation sale, so as colors and sizes are sold out will be permanently removed from shops.

Back to me.... This sounds cool, a good thing. American Apparel is very popular now. And, sales are always a good thing. So, this is a good opportunity for you to stock up now for school and Fall. And, for extra savings, check out the following news...

I'm having a Junior Jersey Blow-Out Clearance Sale @ my "For Women Old Enough..." store, part because of this Junior Jersey Sale and as a parting farewell gift to my customers as I close out my "For Women Old Enough..." store by the end of this month (July), the "For Women Old Enough..." store will no longer be in August. (See my next post for more on this.)

Junior Jersey Blow-Out Clearance Farewell Sale @ "For Women Old Enough..." store. Actually I have marked down ALL of the Junior Jerseys in this "For Women Old Enough..." store, so you will be able to doubly save if you take advantage of this Farewell Sale - my mark-down (present now as I write), plus CafePress's mark-down (which begins next Monday).

And, as always, please be sure to visit and shop @ Music Stuff & More store.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

CafePress Free Shipping Offer

Starting July 8, Free Shipping on CafePress orders of $65 or more*

Coupon Code: FREESUMMER*

And use your coupon @ Music Stuff & More store

* Enjoy Free Economy or Standard shipping for purchases
of $65 or more, excluding shipping charges and applicable
sales tax. Delivery address must be within the United States.
All orders will be Economy shipping, unless the order is not
eligible for Economy shipping (e.g., order exceeds Economy
weight restrictions). Coupon code must be entered at
check out. Promotion starts on July 8, 2008, at 9:00 a.m.
(PST) and ends on July 20, 2008, at 11:59 p.m.
(PST). Cannot be combined with any other offers,
discounts or coupons.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New Grafs & New Merch, with Images

Images of just a couple of my many new items... Above, the new Raspberry Baseball Cap with the new "InfiniStitch Embroidery." Below is one of the Obama graphics, somewhat obviously. This graphic looks great on buttons - I know, I ordered ten mini-buttons myself and am very pleased with how they turned out.

A few links to some of my new graphics and new merchandise:

See Music Stuff & More store's "Sales & Features" and "NEW NEW NEW" section and 2008 Election & 4th of July (Americana, generally, also includes Obama stuff). And still more Obama stuff in the "& More" section

(Yes, the above is a copy-and-paste from the "For Women Old Enough..." blog, I confess. I'm hot and tired...yes... Another excuse: I live in a fiery state, a.k.a. California. And, as the old song goes, smoke gets in my eyes...)

NEW for *this* blog, and this blog only: Have I mentioned my presence on Facebook yet? Yes, I am there, you can find me under my real name. Drop me a "Poke" or a message. You'll find ads for my CafePress premium store, as well as my brand-new, under-construction (isn't my stuff always under construction...??!) Zazzle store. *This blog* is found on my Facebook Profile Page. See there, also, photos of my Zazzle products.

Yes, I need to put links to Facebook and my Zazzle "gallery" here ASAP. Please look for them here soon.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

More New Merch & New Graphics!

It's suddenly gotten very busy around the store lately thanks to CafePress's introduction of several new products, as well as the introduction of its new "InfiniStitch Embroidery" technique.

What all is new...

~ Maternity T-Shirts are now available in the color "Pink", in additon to the original "White." See samples @ http://www.cafepress.com/chmdesign/5584553
~ Have I mentioned the new Pet Bowls yet? In small and large sizes. See samples @ http://www.cafepress.com/chmdesign/5560079
~ And, there's the new merchandise that the "InfiniStitch Embroidery" goes on: a nifty green military-style cap, a faded red baseball cap, a light-blue denim long-sleeved shirt, black polo shirts for men and another for women, and black jackets for men and for women. Check out samples of these new goods here.
~ As for new Graphics...
= A new version of "Democratic Progress" (the graphic has been extended, using stars and stripes, so it would fit the sizing for the new "InfiniStitch Embroidery" process mentioned above).
= A new version of Piano Keyboard (again, extended to fit the sizing for the new "InfiniStitch Embroidery - in this case, the same graphic is merely resized, with no other changes)
= The new Round Green Treble Clef, pictured above on a round magent, designed with the "InfiniStitch Embroidery" in mind, but is also being used on any and all other merchandise for which it's suitable. http://www.cafepress.com/chmdesign/5564304 in the "Music Merchandise" area's "Green Treble Clef" section.

Please visit Music Stuff & More store @ www.cafepress.com/chmdesign

Thursday, May 15, 2008

New Merchandise! : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More : CafePress.com

New Merchandise! : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More : CafePress.com - click this link to see it, including that cap pictured just above.

Introducing new CafePress merchandise and a brand-new POD technology from CafePress called "Infinistitch Embroidery."

I currently have a few of my graphics on the new merch, using this new embroidery technology. Look for much more!
Most of my graphics already present on buttons and magnets can be used with this new embroidery technology. Others can be easily adjusted and optimized.

(Note that I just found out about all this *today* and am participating in a chat announcing it as I write here. This is that NEW.)

Music Stuff & More store (a.k.a. CHM Design Store)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Music Graphics Added to Music Stuff & More

New Victorian musical note graphics have been added to the Music Stuff & More store in the "NEW NEW NEW section"

These traditional-style eighth note graphics come in a variety of colors used during the Victorian era and is available on most of CafePress's merchandise. Pictured here is the Blue-Green Eighth Note. Other colors available are Peach, Green, Light-Gray (with blue-green accent), and Red.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Earth & CHM Design Store (aka Music Stuff & More)

Please visit my Music Stuff & More store where you'll find re-usable totebags @ only $14, lots of green shirts as well as organic shirts, Earth NASA photo graphics, and other Earth-friendly merch. Also, visit "Earthly Merchandise" within this store; also "GREEN!"

Saturday, March 22, 2008

New Graphics, Including New Circle of 5ths

A new and improved version of my popular "HB - Huntington Beach" graphic (already getting sales).

And, three New Blue Treble Clef Circle of Fifths graphics.

And, finally, have a happy holiday weekend!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New CafePress Merchandise!

New bulk stickers, also new round stickers.

See these brand-new (today!) stickers featured in the "NEW NEW NEW" section of the Music Stuff & More store.

(Look for these new bulk stickers to start appearing alongside the rest of the stickers in the store as time goes on.)

Monday, March 03, 2008

Green Green Green!

Featuring GREEN in the Music Stuff & More store right now - St. Patrick's Day is coming up, for one thing.

Also, the Earth has become more popular (well, it always has been popular for most of us, but, you know...). Earth Day is coming next month.

Green is a more popular color than it used to be, symbolizing Earth, the environment, etc. as it does.

In sum, Green is in.

Green shirts and green graphics (music stuff - and more) are being featured in the Music Stuff & More store.

Note that if you wish to save some green, in that the economy bleeps these days, pick up some cheap little stuff in my store, such as buttons, stickers, magnets... Value tees, too @ only $9.99.

Music Stuff & More store

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Valentine's Day, also Election 2008

From Music Stuff & More... For election goodies, graphics for Democrats on all kinds of merchandise:

Democratic Progress (That's Thomas Jefferson on that retro/vintage art deco graphic)

and yet more Democratic Progress (note colors in this section)

And, we can't forget love, Valentine's Day is coming, RSN. Check out Love Notes, Fermata (Hold) Me, and lots of hearts and I Heart U.