Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Big 3.5" Buttons Now Available

Beginning to be available in both my big CafePress stores in the "Sales & Features" sections of...

Music Stuff & More

and the...

For Women Old

Yes, it's Halloween, so that means I'm starting to roll out my holiday goods (we retailers are all alike ; ). You'll start seeing signs of the impending holidays in the "Sales & Features" sections mentioned above.

FYI, CafePress has stabilized since its recent rockiness. Pricing, etc. has settled down. (We storekeepers were getting a little upset to find some of our $20 merch suddenly costing $40! Etc. That has been solved.)

BTW, happy Halloween. Don't let the bats bite.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

SALES & FEATURES : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More :

SALES & FEATURES : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More :

A good place to start with what's going on...

Please note the new "Clock Shop", the 2008 calendars, the fancy new tile boxes, "Back-to-School" section. The CafePress End-of-Summer Sale. You also may see some graphics you haven't seen before, or other new items.

And, of course, always good to peek into the "NEW NEW NEW" section

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

CafePress Stores News Updates

Apparently before the week is out, the following will happen at my CafePress stores. Quoting a CafePress spokesperson...

-- The Jr. Baby Doll T-Shirt will be upgraded to the Jr. Jersey T-Shirt
-- 2 new colors: light pink (#35), light blue (#31) [hurray! colors!]
-- Jr. Jersey T-Shirt is $18.99 [this price does not reflect my mark-up]
-- Jr. Baby Doll T-Shirts already in shops will automatically update to the Jr. Jersey T-Shirt (including price to reflect your mark up) [this means that many of these neat new shirts will automatically appear throughout my stores, without your having to wait for me to get around to adding them - a very good thing for us all]

These items will automatically be removed from your shop. [This is something I've previously mentioned. I've done some of this removal already, especially of the out-dated first-class postage (39 cents!)]

-- Camisole
-- Blue Trucker Hat (Black Trucker Hat is NOT discontinued)
-- Custom Postage
-- Postal Pal

In other CafePress store news, I've opted-into CafePress' offer to add Men's White T-Shirts along with my Value T-Shirts. CafePress plans to discontinue showing the Value T-Shirts in their Marketplace. I was asked if I wanted to handle the change in my stores, or if I wanted to accept CafePress' offer to handle the change. I was good for the offer. After all, I can check over the change later, and tweak it if I dislike enough what CafePress has done to my shirts. Odds are they won't mess up too much, as this is likely even more about their making money than it is for me. I will check, though.

I was also offered the option of either replacing my Value T-Shirts with the Men's White Basic T-Shirts or of adding to my already existing Value T-Shirts.

I opted for the adding, as I've sold many Value T-Shirts over the years, and I would like to retain them in my stores as a lower price option for my customers. In fact, I am pleased with the Value T-Shirt I own. It is a good T-shirt - and at a lower price, frankly.

FYI, the vast majority of the time I have been adding both the basic White Men's T-Shirt and the Value T-Shirt when I add new graphics and new store sections to my CafePress stores.

Visit my two CafePress premium stores @
Music Stuff & More
For Women Old Enough...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Internet Infrastructure Renovations & Related...

What I've been referring to, lo these many months, on my website, these blogs, my CafePress monthly newsletter, and elsewhere.

Remember my irritations at Microsoft and its goofiness with its FrontPage? My irritations that Google chose to upgrade its blogs (Blogger) at the same time? That CafePress changed its affiliation program at the same time? That I am renovating and upgrading almost everything? These blogs, my website... And always my stores, of course. (Most of it is like housework - unending, never really completed once and for all).

Okay, an update. As you can readily see, the blogs are slowly being finished. Not there yet, but well under way.

I've recently joined Commission Junction - which already has many of my goods I'm happy to say (go there and do a search on "chm") - so I can once again affiliate with other CafePress stores, as well as other CJ affiliates.

I still have the website to finish - after my Blogger blogs are up to standard. (The MySpace and Yahoo renovations will come later.) Gotta do the "digg" thing, update my "technocrati", do a "Skidoo"? etc., etc. Then there's all that, pardon my French, freaking Google stuff. They're dinging me for AdWords, there's the AdSense thing, The GOOG's analyzing my traffic, etc. - and, well, I've been neglecting it. Happily I make money anyway. : ) (There's that overhead thing, though, with the Yahoo and Google charges...hmmm.) Well, as you can see, I've done lots of my "CHM Internet Infrastructure Renovation" work, and I have way lots more to do. Target date for completion, or at least near-completion, is by 3Q, certainly by 4Q, and well before the holiday rush. I love being self-employed. But it is a lot of work being a one-woman business - and I do it all (and it shows? ; )

I appreciate your patience. Thanks for putting up with me and mine.

Relevant links...

My CafePress stores:
~ Music Stuff & More
~ For Women Old Enough...
My Google Blogger blogs:
~ this : )
~ Music Stuff Blog - related to Music Stuff & More store, plus other music stuff I wish to share
~ For Women Old Enough.../Groovy Ladies blog - related to "For Women Old Enough..." store, plus other items relevant and of interest, I hope, that I wish to share with other Boomer women, as well as anybody else who is interested, of course
My neglected Website @ (with its once Weekly Wazzup Page, which is now the "Not-So-Weekly Wazzup" these days...). Actually lots (and lots and lots...) of really good links on Wazzup and elsewhere on the site - both amusements and useful information.

NEW NEW NEW : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More :

NEW NEW NEW : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More :

The new - the latest - CafePress merchandise has now arrived.

See the new maternity tops - in black and in white, and the new Junior spaghetti tank tops - which come in a variety of pastel colors (and white) @ New Tops

Also in the "NEW NEW NEW" section is merchandise with my new Earth graphic. The graphic is actually a high-quality NASA photo of the Western Hemisphere - NASA can do the Earth infinitely better than I can!

Speaking of "Earth-ly" matters, I've reduced the price of ALL my totebags in both of my CafePress premium stores. These CafePress totebags are excellent re-usable shopping bags, being strong and easy-to-carry, as well as washable (made of canvas cotton). A totebag sampling. Consider it a step in the right direction regarding climate change/global warming.

Find totebags, as well as the new maternity tops and Junior spaghetti tank tops in both my CafePress premium stores:

= Music Stuff & More store - also find the new tops, as well as totebags throughout this store

= For Women Old Enough... store
~ "Sales & Features" - the new tops (using generally more woman-oriented, so to speak, graphics, not surprisingly, considering the name of the store), as well as totes and more "Earth" stuff
~ Totebag Sampling - includes, for the most part, bags not in "Music Stuff & More" (also, more woman-oriented graphics, such as for moms and grams, and so on)

Friday, May 04, 2007

CafePress Coupons

Please note that I've been starting to add the code/script/whatever-the heck-it-is to my blogs - as in right here - for (dear and generous) Adam's CafePress coupon code offerings.

This is the very same coupon code long offered at my Music Stuff & More store in its left sidebar. (Isn't copy-and-paste wonderful?)

This coupon code is an automatic feature which will continually update with the latest CP coupon offerings. And there's always something being offered.

I believe (I really should check!) you can also add this coupon code in addition to any CafePress' sale or promotion savings - I suggest you give it a try.

Inside Scoop?

Quote below is from a CafePress official person to us shopkeepers. This merchandise is not available yet (or public announcements about it) - but it will be soon.

Any pregnant musicians out there?

Add that, generally speaking, the new tank tops will be especially nice for the hot weather. In nice colors, too.

The quote:

-- Maternity T-shirts: It's what you've been waiting for! With this shirt, we'll be offering a special belly print (10" x 10") area. Available in black and white.

-- Jr. Spaghetti: 3 new colors added! The colors are light pink, light blue, and lemon

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

CafePress Merchandise News

An FYI regarding changes coming soon regarding CafePress merchandise. (And, if I were you, it sounds as if you would like any of the soon-to-be discontinued merch mentioned, you might want to get it right away.)

To quote a message from CafePress today:

2007 has seen many new product additions, and will continue to see many more as the year rolls on. Beginning on May 9, 2007 we'll be transitioning the following merchandise out of our catalog:

-- Custom Postage: Discontinued May 9
-- Postage Pal: Discontinued May 9
-- Blue Trucker Hat: Discontinued estimated June 8 [*note that the black trucker hat will continue to be available*]
-- Camisole: Discontinued...estimated June 8
-- Jr. Baby Doll T-Shirt: Upgraded to Jr. Jersey T-Shirt - estimated June 8 [Jr. Jersey T-Shirt? I haven't heard yet about this item]

Friday, April 27, 2007

Monthly CafePress Newsletter Sign-Up

Please note the monthly CafePress newsletter sign-up form at the top of the right sidebar.

I really am committed to this monthly newsletter, and this is the ultimate in the latest news regarding my CafePress business and other related matters.

This newsletter also always contains all the relevant links to my CafePress stores, blogs, website, etc. The only thing missing is the link to my Spreadshirt store - this newsletter is, after all, hosted and run by CafePress.

My website may be under renovation, my blogs may be under renovation, none of these may be completely updated every single month. Frequently, partially, but not completely, every single month.

There is also always something new in each and every monthly newsletter: new graphic(s), new merchandise, or a sale or promotion. I make sure of it.

So if you're interested in my CafePress-related online business, I do recommend that you subscribe to this monthly newsletter.

Note that the May Issue is about to go out before the week's over - this newsletter goes out during the last week of the month.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Beginnings...

...Of the renovations around my "online empire", that is.

I've decided to start with my blogs, having roughed out a couple, with this one here likely the next in line. Then, I'll hook the relevant blogs to the renovated website.

Check out the newly-upgraded Music Stuff Blog

Do you think it has enough "labels", aka tags? ; ) Probably excessive?

I'd like the banner to my Music Stuff & More store to link to the store, but haven't yet found a way with this new Blogger upgrade. Should be a no-brainer, hmm. For another day... It's still a work-in-progress.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Renovations & Improvements

After struggling too much with Microsoft FrontPage 2003 (the latest FrontPage, which will not work with the latest Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 - go figure), I finally broke down and bought Adobe/Macromedia Dreamweaver 8.

Now, to learn the darn thing and to renovate my website.

In the meantime, my website is still and will be up and running, and at the same place as always:

I do still keep adding the "Bad Music Joke of the Week", and I've added some new items of interest and/or amusement to the wazzup.htm Page and the "News & Views" Page. It's hard right now for me to do very much with the website - see the first paragraph up above. (Blasted Microsoft.)

Also, I'll be renovating my blogs - yes, this one, too. Google expects me to upgrade my Blogger already. I will do. Maybe next week.

In the meantime, my CafePress stores (and my Spreadshirt store) are doing great, being fully in business, and still having a free shipping promotion for Valentine's Day:

Music Stuff & More

For Women Old Enough... store

Stay tuned to see the results of the renovations - and the improvements.

Check this blog, also my website (which will still be updated, somewhat - some parts) for new developments.

I appreciate your patience and tolerance. : ) (Darn Microsoft...)