Friday, August 26, 2005

Coping with the Heat & Smog

There's a new graphic available in "For Women Old Enough to Know Better" - a hot-pink retro Brushscript lettered "Breast Cancer Sucks" inspired by CafePress' push for October Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

(I'm aware, I'm aware! I'd like to forget! Anyway, go get your mammograms and other exams, ladies! And do it before October when you'll find it too darn busy, because so many women are going because it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month...!)

See the "Breast Cancer Sucks" graphic and merchandise.

Be sure to catch the new music joke on the Music Stuff Blog. Catch "Blockview" (!), the Fed-Ex furniture, and other spiffy new additions in Wazzup. News & Views Page has been updated as well.

I've been busy with client work, even to the extent that I, more or less, had to turn down a third client because I'm too occupied for weeks. Actually, I'm itching to spend more time on my store work, too. And, because of just that, it's very possible that I may put a halt to accepting new clients until at least November.

About the "Heat & Smog" title - we are having a heat wave here in SoCal, even at the coast. The worst of it is that the air is filth (We've been having sunsets to the west and to the east, lately, for this reason. The "regular" western sunset is being reflected off the filthy sky in the east - the "Inland Empire", Riverside County - hence the west and east sunsets.) I have asthma and am without AC, so I am getting the heck out of this southwest-facing office and apartment this afternoon and getting myself into AC, probably a bus ride down the coast.

In sum, my business and my updates for the day - and week - are just about done, as I get out of here.

Keep cool. Enjoy your weekend.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Cuckoo 4 Sudoku! : CHM Design Store : - NEW - Sudoku Merch

Cuckoo 4 Sudoku! : CHM Design Store :

Find in the "& More"'s "Geeks/Nerds" section - Sudoku!

(If you need to ask what Sudoku is, you are not likely to be interested in this graphic, however spiffy it is. ; )

CHM Design - Music Stuff & More : - CafePress Back Up

CHM Design - Music Stuff & More :

CafePress has been fixed. Hurray.

I'm glad it didn't take them long. In my three years at CafePress I've never seen them go down like this. Strange.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Sale Coming to CafePress (& My Stores!)

$5 off $50 or more

Coupon code: B2SALE

Starts: August 16, 2005 Ends: September 6, 2005

New Web Page!

I finally cut the too-long Wazzup Page in two, moving "News & Views" onto its very own Page.

Also put some Java script into the News & Views - From Southern California to have its blog automatically updating there.

Friday, August 05, 2005

New CafePress Merch has Arrived!

Look for it in my stores soon. I'll keep you updated here and in my other communication.

There's new kids' clothes for school and fall (sweats and hoodies and jerseys, etc.).

There's light switch covers - kinda neat, but most of my present graphics don't fit on them well. I do have a few now in my stores using the few graphics which do fit. Look in the "Bargain Basement" of the "For Women Old Enough to Know Better" store.

There's, of all things, genuine postage stamps. The music ones will be especially nice, using the music graphics already available.

Another matter, CafePress itself has been a little rocky this week, with its servers slo-o-o-o-w, etc. I apologize on their behalf. There have been a lot of changes implemented - beyond the new merch mentioned above - and the rough edges need to be - and will be - smoothed out soon.

I've been busy lately, with clients, and store changes, etc. Look for more store and website updating ASAP. The blogs are pretty fresh - easy to do, which helps!

Of course I've added some new content to Wazzup this week. Be sure to check out the Animusic and the Gap Make a Change links. And there is always the BMJOTW. (Ha! I Googled "music humor" looking for, duh, music humor for the BMJOTW, and what link did I stumble across on Page 3? The very same Page that the BMJOTW "lives" on!)

TGIF, and it's almost 9 pm. Time to cook dinner after a hey to my Yahoo Group.

Have a good weekend. More soon.