Friday, December 02, 2005

Sales News/More & More Black T-Shirts!

Advance notice - a special CafePress 48 Hour Holiday Blow-Out sale for 2 Days only!
This sale starts December 7 and ends December 8.

Coupon codes:
HOL5 $5 off $20
HOL10 $10 off $40
HOL25 $25 off $100

If you do the math, that's 25% off, not bad! Especially when the 25% discount kicks in as low as $20.

And, remember the free shippping promotion for orders over $50 until Dec. 6.

As for the black T-Shirts in the Music Stuff & More store, I've been busy slaving over a hot keyboard to bring you more and more and more. Many bass clef graphics have been added (and are selling well) to the already-present treble clef graphic black tees. Yesterday I added some musical instrument black tees - and some not-black. Now there's "Pianos Gone Wild" black tees - and a few not-black. There's a few guitar black tees. The "brass" tuba and "brass" saxophone look especially nice on black. Look for "brass" trumpet and trombone black tees soon, maybe even today.

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