Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Website, etc. Update

Note the correct date - it's February 1st, not whatever in the world it says in my website's borders. (Darn FrontPage.)

Still waiting on my hard drive, and therefore my FrontPage software, my graphic software...

But, I just learned the new hard drive is in Ontario, not so far away... Maybe tomorrow!

Just added a link to the Wazzup Page - should have been on the "News & Views" Page, but Yahoo wouldn't grant me access to edit my own bleeping Web Page, for some strange reason. So I added the brand-new State of the Union parody link to Wazzup. Look for the little yellow "NEW", as usual. Wazzup Page

I will do more website updating before the week is out. Jeez, this site has ugly code - part me, part FrontPage. The code is hard to read; therefore, hard to update by hand.

I'll stop complaining.

I've been using my extra time to improve my stores - the two CafePress Premium stores and the Spreadshirt store (new products there)...

CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More
For Women Old Enough to Know Better store
CHM Music Stuff - the Spreadshirt store

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