Friday, September 08, 2006

New Colors @ CafePress

I've samples of the new colors available on infant and toddler wear and on adult sweatshirts in both of my CafePress premium stores...

CHM Design - Music Stuff & More store (this link is to the "NEW NEW NEW section" in "Sales & Features")

For Women Old Enough... store (its "Sales & Features" section)

The new color choices are pink or blue for the little ones, as well as the original white. For the adult sweatshirts - the plain and the hooded - the new choice will be white or the original gray.

Soon to come - dark red (called "cardinal") as an alternative color for black T-shirts. Fun for Christmas and will look great with some - many - of my graphics, IMHO. CafePress will start labeling these T-shirts "dark T-shirts."

All of these new color choices are already available on these products in all of my stores. When CafePress rolls out the new dark red soon that color will be immediately available as well.

I'm excited. I like this stuff. : )

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