Tuesday, December 12, 2006

New Web Software...?

Folks, quite frankly, I've been thinking about and researching new Web software. You've already heard me comment and complain about my difficulties with Microsoft FrontPage seeming rather archaic with the latest online technologies, ie., interfacing with YouTube and other video sources, interfacing with blogs, RSS, etc.

I've also mentioned repeatedly that I'm no Web Designer - and don't really aspire to be one. I just want to get online okay, have my website, do my business, have my fun, and concentrate my graphic design efforts elsewhere (as in my current income-producing efforts, such as my stores).

I'm looking at Microsoft; I'm looking at Adobe...

I'm not coming up with a good answer yet.

I'm also finding out that I am not alone among FrontPage 2003 (the latest version!) users who want something more up to date, but are stumped.

It's back to the old FrontPage drawing board, for now, for this site. I'll clean out, repair, trim down, improve... After the holiday rush, that is, my plate's too full right down with Christmas.

Start over with a new website? Not only do I not want to - but, most important of all, I have really good Google Page Ranking with this site in its present form. Do I wish to risk losing that? No way! My income even depends on it - it's not an ego thing (yeah, right - with this website?).

Please be patient. : ) I will get my website act back together, one way or the other.

In the meantime...

My stores:
~ Music Stuff & More
~ For Women Old Enough to Know Better
~ A seriously-neglected Spreadshirt store called CHM Music Stuff (still makes $$$, though, in spite of me)
My blogs:
~ This (duh)
~ Groovy Ladies/For Women Old Enough to Know Better blog
~ Music Stuff Blog
~ Yahoo 360 blog
~ MySpace blog - where, on the rare occaisons I am there, I complain about MySpace mostly, but contains "Happy Feet" and "Weird Al" videos (yes, I am so white and nerdy too, but you've probably already figured that one out - long ago).

And, have a Happy Holiday Season!

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