Tuesday, September 09, 2008

New Graphics, New Merch & Just Plain Store News

Yes, I did put up those Obama-Biden graphics I wrote about Obama-Biden in my last post. I gambled that Joe Biden would be Obama's vice-presidential pick - and, obviously, I won.

Check out some of these Obama-Biden goods

Have I mentioned the new CafePress clocks here yet? Check out some of my new clocks.

The new Junior Jerseys have arrived @ CafePress. Also, find new ceramic travel mugs (nice for gifts).

Other new graphics besides the Obama-Biden ones - new music graphics, such as the two new green eighth-note graphics.

Check this out if you still need back-to-school items. Do note that there's new-and-improved journals.

Easy on your pocketbook in these challenging economic times, check out some of my CafePress under-$10 merchandise. Find some of these in the Back-to-School section as well as in the "Bernanke Bargain Bin" (filled with music graphics, and other graphics too, such as Earth, peace symbols, nerdy/geeky stuff, Christian crosses, flowers, etc.). Check out these affordable merchandise links:

~ Cheap School Stuff @ www.cafepress.com/chmdesign/5876855 (Priced @ under $10)
~ Bernanke BARGAIN BIN @ www.cafepress.com/chmdesign/5214776 (Priced @ under $10)
~ Journals on Sale @ www.cafepress.com/chmdesign/5893323 (Again, priced @ under $10)

Also, please visit Music Stuff & More @ CafePress store's "NEW NEW NEW" section, as well as "Sales & Features", and, of course, "Music Merchandise."

And, don't forget my new Music Stuff & More @ Zazzle store. This Zazzle store has musical Circle of Fifths round keychains, the musical Keds shoes, and other merchandise not available at CafePress. Pictured below is one of the Circle of Fifths Zazzle keychains, look for the same in other colors and styles.

There's been a lot happening the past month or two: new store (Zazzle), closed store (the former "For Women Old Enough... store"), new graphics, new merchandise... (Whew.)

Finally, do note that I still will be offering almost all the graphics and merchandise once found in the former, now-closed, For Women Old Enough... store. (For one thing, they sold well!) I've also got a few "grannygear"-type items in my new Zazzle store, such as this pink "Granny Boomer" T-Shirt. So, watch for these "For Women Old Enough..." graphics on merchandise at my stores at both Zazzle and CafePress. (Yes, more later on this.)

I strongly recommend that you sign up for my monthly CafePress newsletter. It's a good news summary for my CafePress store, a newsletter I've been sending out every single month for years. Find the newsletter sign-up on the side-bar of this blog as well as on the Storefront of my Music Stuff & More @ CafePress store.

Enjoy the Fall, the Election, and the new school year!

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