Friday, January 27, 2006

Latest News & CafePress Promotions

After only getting a couple hours of sleep, nothing like adding a C:/ drive failure to make one's day. But, here I am, anyway! New drive is on the way with a back-up twin. Nothing important was lost - which is the best news. The downside is spending $$, plus the time lag at getting fully up and running again. After I'm done here, I'll check to see if I can use FrontPage today or not to update my website. If not, it's "going in the back room" at my Web host to do a little updating there, using my raw HTML "skills." (Fun... not.) But, anyway, perhaps, too much information. This was not what I meant by news, really - back to business...

Valentine's Day sections are open in both Music Stuff & More (see )and in For Women Old Enough... (see ) There is some duplication between them, but both of them do have many unique graphics and merchandise.

Now, current CafePress promos...

Jan 20 - Feb 3
Free Super Saver Shipping* on orders over $50
*Domestic shipping only

The CafePress promotion after that will be:

Feb 4 - Feb 14
$5 off $50 - CODE: CUPID5
$10 off $100 - CODE: CUPID10

Last, but not least, there are several new graphics in both stores. I've put the Sudoku graphic on black T-Shirts (reversed, obviously - white on black). A "silver" tuba has been added to a wide assortment of merch, including black T-Shirts. Etc.

Two hours of sleep and no C:/ drive - hey, I keep truckin' anyway! Takes more than that to stop me. Now to figure out how to take care of the Bad Music Joke of the Week... Hey, last week I did it as I had a staph infection - again, keep on truckin'... (again, too much information)


Your intrepid, never-say-die CHM (Carolyn)

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