Thursday, March 02, 2006

CafePress Sale & Other News

Announcing the CafePress "March to the Beat of a Different Drum" Sale
$4 off $40 Offer
Coupon Code: MARCH4
March 2 - March 14

In other news...

= Continuing improvements in "For Women Old Enough to Know Better" store (Look for much more to come.)
= A GroovyLadiesPage on my website related to the store and blog - brand-new, just started it today. Yes, it is still very under constuction.
= Have I mentioned all the new Sudoku merch?
= Black hoodies, long-sleeve tees, and women's tees are coming any week now to CafePress
= CHM Design is starting to get a little political again (remember my Kerry merch?) since there's an election this year. Check out Democratic Progress (with Thomas Jefferson portrayed)
= Note the "It's Easy Being Green!" section of green goodies in honor of St. Patrick's Day, Spring, and whatnot.
= Added a white violin/fiddle to black tees

More news soon.

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