Monday, April 24, 2006

Free Shipping (Orders $50+) Starts Tomorrow @ CafePress

This is a pretty good deal - especially for shopping for Mother's Day, upcoming Graduations... How about just for Spring? I know I need some new clothes for Spring & Summer...

Free Shipping On Orders Over $50
(Max discount $7)
Coupon Code: MOMSHIP
April 25 - May 5

BTW, find special things for Mom and Grandma (she's a mom, too!) in the For Women Old Enough to Know Better store. I'll be putting some more Mother's Day-oriented stuff out soon - in both Premium stores. In the meantime, I know if Mom and Grandma like music - and who doesn't? she'd appreciate music items, other items pertaining to their interests and tastes as well without having "Mom" or "Grandma" plastered all over all of them. Bottom line: Make Mom or Grandma happy.

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