Thursday, April 06, 2006

Update - Stores, Graphics, etc.

Just back from the eComXpo. Well, it's not a just back really since I never left this chair - eComXpo is an online expo - business convention - for Internet publishers, merchants, and affiliates, and the like. I joined LinkShare, starting out with "1-800-Flowers" for the more womanly side of my Internet "empire."

In other affiliate-type news, I've added new CafePress affiliate merchandise to the For Women Old Enough to Know Better store, some fun stuff (featuring animals, as well as food, right now. There will be additions in other categories as time goes by) in, surprise, the new "FUN" section. The Sudoku goods have also been moved, appropriately, into the new "FUN" section. There's also a new Autism Awareness section in this store. Look for Earth Day merch soon - Earth Day being April 22.

Now, off to FrontPage to get that stuck "March" fixed on the top border (fingers crossed)...

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