Wednesday, May 31, 2006

CafePress Dad's Day Sale Until 6/09 & More

Free Shipping on orders over $50
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Coupon Code: DADSHIP
Offer Valid until 06/09/2006

That said...

Please note that there are new sections in Sales & Features in Music Stuff & More - most notably a NEW NEW NEW section, which features, guess what? new graphics, and will feature new products when we ever have some (They are coming, they really are. This is about CafePress being slow and careful about releasing this new merch.).

What's this about the Albino Code Store? I do like to support worthy causes, which includes here the issue of albinism. Bummer that "Da Vinci Code"'s Silas the creepy monk is an albino. What's that all about? I have albino acquaintances - I cringed when I read that the murderous Silas was made out to be an albino. Why? This does make life harder for those with albinism - they already have enough problems, with vision and skin problems, and "being different."

This is also a very funny little movie parody of, you know it, the "Da Vinci Code."

News & Views Page is featuring Al Gore's movie trailer about global warming as well as information re the California primary election next week (June 6).

There's a ridiculous amount of "Da Vinci Code" stuff throughout my website. The funniest stuff, of course, is on the Wazzup Page - the many parodies.

The For Women Old Check out the latest graphic: You Can Do It! And, who the heck is Crazy Lewis the Cat? and what's this about saving him? Yet another one of my causes. Be sure to read the Shopkeeper's Bio on the Save Lewis store site.

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