Tuesday, June 20, 2006

CafePress Summer Sale (& General Update)

Ends June 30.

Small Mug : $2 off
Kids' Baseball Jersey : $2 off
Men's Sleeveless T-Shirt : $3 off
Women's Tank Top : $3 off
Green T-Shirt : $2 off
Trucker Hat : $2 off

The old prices will have a red slash; the new prices will be in red.

As for "General Update", I've been doing a lot of combing through Music Stuff & More adding products, improving navigation and lay-out, adding text. Generally improving the place, starting with the "Music Merchandise." You may notice my recent work in the "Keyboards/Pianos" area, the "Music Symbols" area (Check out how many more products are in the Eighth Notes and B Wear/Ware areas!), and elsewhere. This "renovating" - or whatever you want to call it - will be ongoing. I'm starting in the Music Merchandise area and will be combing my way through the rest of Music Stuff & More and For Women Old Enough to Know Better, as well as my Basic stores. I'm going to be doing a small amount of tweaking on some graphics, too, such as graphics which, IMO, would be better bigger or higher...

I want to put more time into the Spreadshirt store soon as well. And the website, too.

Even though all that is a ton of work, I would go crazy if I did too much of it of that, frankly, grunt work, so look for some new graphics soon. It's been too long since I came out with a new graphic - I'm thinking music (of course!), politics (California will be electing a governor in November, for one thing), and more California/Orange County (there's not nearly enough of that!).

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