Wednesday, June 13, 2007

CafePress Stores News Updates

Apparently before the week is out, the following will happen at my CafePress stores. Quoting a CafePress spokesperson...

-- The Jr. Baby Doll T-Shirt will be upgraded to the Jr. Jersey T-Shirt
-- 2 new colors: light pink (#35), light blue (#31) [hurray! colors!]
-- Jr. Jersey T-Shirt is $18.99 [this price does not reflect my mark-up]
-- Jr. Baby Doll T-Shirts already in shops will automatically update to the Jr. Jersey T-Shirt (including price to reflect your mark up) [this means that many of these neat new shirts will automatically appear throughout my stores, without your having to wait for me to get around to adding them - a very good thing for us all]

These items will automatically be removed from your shop. [This is something I've previously mentioned. I've done some of this removal already, especially of the out-dated first-class postage (39 cents!)]

-- Camisole
-- Blue Trucker Hat (Black Trucker Hat is NOT discontinued)
-- Custom Postage
-- Postal Pal

In other CafePress store news, I've opted-into CafePress' offer to add Men's White T-Shirts along with my Value T-Shirts. CafePress plans to discontinue showing the Value T-Shirts in their Marketplace. I was asked if I wanted to handle the change in my stores, or if I wanted to accept CafePress' offer to handle the change. I was good for the offer. After all, I can check over the change later, and tweak it if I dislike enough what CafePress has done to my shirts. Odds are they won't mess up too much, as this is likely even more about their making money than it is for me. I will check, though.

I was also offered the option of either replacing my Value T-Shirts with the Men's White Basic T-Shirts or of adding to my already existing Value T-Shirts.

I opted for the adding, as I've sold many Value T-Shirts over the years, and I would like to retain them in my stores as a lower price option for my customers. In fact, I am pleased with the Value T-Shirt I own. It is a good T-shirt - and at a lower price, frankly.

FYI, the vast majority of the time I have been adding both the basic White Men's T-Shirt and the Value T-Shirt when I add new graphics and new store sections to my CafePress stores.

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