Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Internet Infrastructure Renovations & Related...

What I've been referring to, lo these many months, on my website, these blogs, my CafePress monthly newsletter, and elsewhere.

Remember my irritations at Microsoft and its goofiness with its FrontPage? My irritations that Google chose to upgrade its blogs (Blogger) at the same time? That CafePress changed its affiliation program at the same time? That I am renovating and upgrading almost everything? These blogs, my website... And always my stores, of course. (Most of it is like housework - unending, never really completed once and for all).

Okay, an update. As you can readily see, the blogs are slowly being finished. Not there yet, but well under way.

I've recently joined Commission Junction - which already has many of my goods I'm happy to say (go there and do a search on "chm") - so I can once again affiliate with other CafePress stores, as well as other CJ affiliates.

I still have the website to finish - after my Blogger blogs are up to standard. (The MySpace and Yahoo renovations will come later.) Gotta do the "digg" thing, update my "technocrati", do a "Skidoo"? etc., etc. Then there's all that, pardon my French, freaking Google stuff. They're dinging me for AdWords, there's the AdSense thing, The GOOG's analyzing my traffic, etc. - and, well, I've been neglecting it. Happily I make money anyway. : ) (There's that overhead thing, though, with the Yahoo and Google charges...hmmm.) Well, as you can see, I've done lots of my "CHM Internet Infrastructure Renovation" work, and I have way lots more to do. Target date for completion, or at least near-completion, is by 3Q, certainly by 4Q, and well before the holiday rush. I love being self-employed. But it is a lot of work being a one-woman business - and I do it all (and it shows? ; )

I appreciate your patience. Thanks for putting up with me and mine.

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