Wednesday, September 07, 2005

While I'm here...News Update

Busy with clients, but I need to sort out just what I'm doing right now for whom and when. My mind spins.

News flash: another E-Mail from Rita, she says hold off for now on the project. Well, gee, I can certainly understand why. She has no electricity yet and was E-Mailing me from a library. (I'll have to reply and remind her that she can conduct her CafePress business from any computer. She might as well keep her money coming in, right?)

Back from inserted news flash:

First, there was Rita in New Orleans, who was lost, but now is found; then, a client's client from the Gulf Coast somewhere evacuated to Huntsville, then there's a lady in NC waiting on me. NC, thank God, nothing happening there. Okay, I'll be sorting out all this.

Right now I'm working on graphics to contribute to CafePress' charity store for Katrina which is likely to open this week. All proceeds will go to Katrina charity.

The stores and CafePress are, frankly, way too busy. There have been many behind the scenes changes and improvements at CafePress which we storeowners have been busy with, but which may not be so noticeable to customers. The new affiliation program, for only one thing. This is something I need to figure out, before I even start thinking about implementing (okay, okay, I've got some affiliate links on my website, but, I just barely know what I'm doing with that, to be too honest.) There's a lot of new CafePress merchandise, which I've been telling you about as it's been coming along. All in all, stores-wise, do you have any idea how many graphics and how many products there are or could be in my CafePress group of stores? It is mind-boggling. We're talking figures like hundreds (graphics) and thousands (products).

On the upside, sales are good. : )

Don't forget to go to my website and click on those donation links for Katrina survivors. All are trustworthy links or they wouldn't be on my site, such as the American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, etc.

Oh, heck, I'll put this here!

The American Red Cross

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