Friday, September 02, 2005

What a week! Also new merch.

As is true with most of us Americans to some degree or another, I have been overwhelmed with Katrina. The fact of the disaster in itself, but, personally with the fact that a client I had been very much in the thick of working with E-mailed me Saturday night saying she was heading up with a mattress to an upstairs closet so she'd be safe from Katrina. I have no idea what's happened to her since. She's from New Orleans. Rita Bridges is her name; the store I've been helping her with is You can tell she just started building this store, in fact I still have her graphics left to finish on my machine. I sent an E-Mail to the artist who did the artwork for Rita's store, thinking she might know something about Rita. Afterwards I realized that god only knows what has happened to artist Mel, her also being in the New Orleans area.

This whole thing is troubling. I know I'm very much not alone in that feeling this week.

Furthermore, since I didn't see any point in continuing with Rita's project just now, I thought it would be good to work on my "next" client's project (a client of a client, actually). Then, I find out that this woman desiring the artwork lives on the Gulf Coast and had evacuated to Huntsville. I have still another client in line. She's in North Carolina. Good.

Well, there's still the CafePress stores. Which have new merchandise. You already know about the new kids' clothes, right? This latest batch of new goodies include caps, mini-buttons, rectangle magnets, wood-framed tiles... There's been a lot of new merchandise coming in lately. Watch for it to arrive in my stores. Watch also for the opening of the CafePress Hurricane Katrina Benefit Store (working title - the store is nameless, as I write) - I plan to contribute at least one graphic to the cause.

Lastly, but most importantly, look for the Hurricane Katrina links on the tops of my Home Page and News & Views Page. Donate to the Red Cross - you can't miss these Katrina links!

Wazzup is not quite so amusing this week, as I wasn't feeling very amused. The new BMJOTW is there, however, as it always is.

My links, of the everyday, ordinary variety:

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