Friday, September 09, 2005

Friday Update/Katrina Graphics

If possible I'm getting even busier! Next week will be better. I'll make a point of it. Also, I'm now done with my Katrina graphics. (Done with sticking Katrina links up, etc., too.)

So, do you want to see some Katrina graphics? These are only the beginnings: two for the CafePress Katrina Charity Shop @

The graphics are about New Orleans Music. I do music and we all know how much New Orleans is about music - and what a contribution and joy New Orleans' music has been to all. It's about my gratitude, appreciation, and acknowledgement, that New Orleans music will always live no matter what. Love ya, New Orleans.

Now, for the rest of the series at

Most of it is hidden now, only one is showing tonight -

Note also the "brass & sax" graphics in the Music Instruments section -

Okay, links time:

[edited 12/26/07]

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