Wednesday, May 02, 2007

CafePress Merchandise News

An FYI regarding changes coming soon regarding CafePress merchandise. (And, if I were you, it sounds as if you would like any of the soon-to-be discontinued merch mentioned, you might want to get it right away.)

To quote a message from CafePress today:

2007 has seen many new product additions, and will continue to see many more as the year rolls on. Beginning on May 9, 2007 we'll be transitioning the following merchandise out of our catalog:

-- Custom Postage: Discontinued May 9
-- Postage Pal: Discontinued May 9
-- Blue Trucker Hat: Discontinued estimated June 8 [*note that the black trucker hat will continue to be available*]
-- Camisole: Discontinued...estimated June 8
-- Jr. Baby Doll T-Shirt: Upgraded to Jr. Jersey T-Shirt - estimated June 8 [Jr. Jersey T-Shirt? I haven't heard yet about this item]

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