Wednesday, May 16, 2007

NEW NEW NEW : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More :

NEW NEW NEW : CHM Design Store - Music Stuff & More :

The new - the latest - CafePress merchandise has now arrived.

See the new maternity tops - in black and in white, and the new Junior spaghetti tank tops - which come in a variety of pastel colors (and white) @ New Tops

Also in the "NEW NEW NEW" section is merchandise with my new Earth graphic. The graphic is actually a high-quality NASA photo of the Western Hemisphere - NASA can do the Earth infinitely better than I can!

Speaking of "Earth-ly" matters, I've reduced the price of ALL my totebags in both of my CafePress premium stores. These CafePress totebags are excellent re-usable shopping bags, being strong and easy-to-carry, as well as washable (made of canvas cotton). A totebag sampling. Consider it a step in the right direction regarding climate change/global warming.

Find totebags, as well as the new maternity tops and Junior spaghetti tank tops in both my CafePress premium stores:

= Music Stuff & More store - also find the new tops, as well as totebags throughout this store

= For Women Old Enough... store
~ "Sales & Features" - the new tops (using generally more woman-oriented, so to speak, graphics, not surprisingly, considering the name of the store), as well as totes and more "Earth" stuff
~ Totebag Sampling - includes, for the most part, bags not in "Music Stuff & More" (also, more woman-oriented graphics, such as for moms and grams, and so on)

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