Friday, July 11, 2008

Bedazzled by Zazzle, also Store Closing

Say "Hello" to my new Zazzle store - Music Stuff & More (also look under "chmayer"). (Gee, where have we heard that Music Stuff & More store name before...? hmmm...? scratching my head... ; )

And say "Good-bye" to my "For Women Old Enough to Know Better", a.k.a. grannygear, store, which will be closed by August.

However, the "For Women Old Enough..." store is still open as I speak, and with a Junior Jersey Blow-Out Clearance Farewell and Closing Sale, at that. I have marked my Junior Jersey prices way down throughout the store. Add my mark-down to CafePress's Junior Jersey mark-down starting next Monday, and you've got lots of savings. Take advantage - after all, school and Fall are coming before you know it. Get your nifty cheap Jerseys now.

Back to "For Women Old Enough..." store... This CafePress Premium Store originated when CafePress offered me a free six-months deal for me to upgrade my Basic Store (a free store, but with limited options) to a Premium Store. I took up CafePress's offer, even though I was already busy with my first and original CafePress Premium Store, Music Stuff & More.

"For Women Old Enough..." store did well those first six free months, so I kept it. It has always more than paid its way, still does, but I like the idea of consolidation now - it's easier, more convenient, simpler, for me and, I believe, for you customers. Oh, and there'll be one less store to make payments on...

You will now find your favorite graphics and merchandise from "For Women Old Enough..." store @ my Music Stuff & More store. (As you may have noticed, many of these graphics and merch have been there already.) Look in the "& More" area for your favorite non-musical graphics. I'm in the process of "revealing" them soon, after I get them all tidy and ready-for-primetime.

So, "For Women Old Enough..." is open now as I write, with great deals on Junior Jerseys, even now, more so starting next Monday.

Related, I haven't figured out yet what to do with the "For Women Old Enough...", a.k.a. Groovy Ladies, Blog. It will remain open and running until I can figure out what to do with it, a decisiion which will be made sometime before long...

Now, back to Zazzle. I am only just starting out my modest, much smaller Music Stuff & More store on Zazzle. You will see some familiar music graphics, also a peace symbol, the Earth, an Obama graphic - not much yet. Yes, it will be mostly *Music Stuff*. Zazzle offers some merch that CafePress doesn't, so I will be taking advantage of that. Also, I have a mini- Zazzle storefront in my Facebook Profile. Handy! (Do note, also, that I have a "CafePress Listing" Facebook Profile "app" where you can view and shop at my CafePress Music Stuff & More store, as well.)

Finally, to sum up, Junior Jersey sales @ my CafePress stores, my new Zazzle store, and the impending close (by August) of "For Women Old Enough..." store.

I'll soon be putting up links for Zazzle, also Facebook. To find me *now* on Facebook, give me a "Facebook Poke" or drop me a message, so I can "let you in." I'm using my real name on Facebook. Any combination of "Carolyn Hanson Mayer" should do and get you to my Profile. If you just plain want to visit my new Zazzle store, stop by Music Stuff & More on Zazzle. Look for "chmayer."

Keep cool!

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