Friday, July 11, 2008

Junior Jersey News & Sale @ CafePress

Jr. Jersey Upgrade Coming Soon to CafePress.

From CafePress...

Last year the Jr. Babydoll T-Shirt was upgraded with the current Jr. Jersey T-Shirt, with improvements to the overall quality and style. We’re pleased to announce another upgrade to the Jr. Jersey! Many Shopkeepers [and, customers, of course] will be happy to hear that the new shirt is from fashion brand – American Apparel, with updated colors at the same Base Price [and my same price, which will remain unchanged].

The details of the new Jr. Jersey T-Shirt are:

* American Apparel * Crew neck t-shirt, fashion fit * 100% Fine Jersey cotton, combed for softness and comfort * Colors: white, creme, lime, pink...

This Junior Jersey upgrade will happen in a few weeks but before that, we need to sell out of the current Jr. Jersey T-Shirt. Sounds like a great excuse for a sale! Starting Monday, July 14, we’ll have a liquidation sale for the current Jr. Jersey T-Shirts in white, blue, and pink. This sale will be promoted by Shopkeepers only – so it’s up to you to spread the word to your customers... [Which is exactly what I'm doing here...]

Junior Jersey Clearance Sale details:

* Promotion: $4 off Jr. Jersey T-Shirts * Coupon code: 4JRJERSEY * Sale starts: Monday, July 14, 2008

* Expiration: While supplies last*
* This is a liquidation sale, so as colors and sizes are sold out will be permanently removed from shops.

Back to me.... This sounds cool, a good thing. American Apparel is very popular now. And, sales are always a good thing. So, this is a good opportunity for you to stock up now for school and Fall. And, for extra savings, check out the following news...

I'm having a Junior Jersey Blow-Out Clearance Sale @ my "For Women Old Enough..." store, part because of this Junior Jersey Sale and as a parting farewell gift to my customers as I close out my "For Women Old Enough..." store by the end of this month (July), the "For Women Old Enough..." store will no longer be in August. (See my next post for more on this.)

Junior Jersey Blow-Out Clearance Farewell Sale @ "For Women Old Enough..." store. Actually I have marked down ALL of the Junior Jerseys in this "For Women Old Enough..." store, so you will be able to doubly save if you take advantage of this Farewell Sale - my mark-down (present now as I write), plus CafePress's mark-down (which begins next Monday).

And, as always, please be sure to visit and shop @ Music Stuff & More store.

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