Tuesday, July 01, 2008

New Grafs & New Merch, with Images

Images of just a couple of my many new items... Above, the new Raspberry Baseball Cap with the new "InfiniStitch Embroidery." Below is one of the Obama graphics, somewhat obviously. This graphic looks great on buttons - I know, I ordered ten mini-buttons myself and am very pleased with how they turned out.

A few links to some of my new graphics and new merchandise:

See Music Stuff & More store's "Sales & Features" and "NEW NEW NEW" section and 2008 Election & 4th of July (Americana, generally, also includes Obama stuff). And still more Obama stuff in the "& More" section

(Yes, the above is a copy-and-paste from the "For Women Old Enough..." blog, I confess. I'm hot and tired...yes... Another excuse: I live in a fiery state, a.k.a. California. And, as the old song goes, smoke gets in my eyes...)

NEW for *this* blog, and this blog only: Have I mentioned my presence on Facebook yet? Yes, I am there, you can find me under my real name. Drop me a "Poke" or a message. You'll find ads for my CafePress premium store, as well as my brand-new, under-construction (isn't my stuff always under construction...??!) Zazzle store. *This blog* is found on my Facebook Profile Page. See there, also, photos of my Zazzle products.

Yes, I need to put links to Facebook and my Zazzle "gallery" here ASAP. Please look for them here soon.

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